Bankruptcy Liquidations

Buyers for Bankruptcy Liquidation Inventory

MAC Wholesale understands bankruptcies, and is a trusted liquidator that has been involved in purchasing inventory assets in many of the national’s largest bankruptcies.

Why MAC Wholesale?

  1. We’re Not Brokers – We Own & Take Possession of our Inventory
    The offers we make you are to buy the goods, and for immediate shipment (upon approval of the court). We are not pre-selling off your inventory list.
  2. Financial Stability
    We’re an established company with a strong financial backing. We are able to provide evidence of financial capability to proceed with our offers.
  3. Confidentiality
    Because we are not pre-selling your inventory, we are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in advance of receiving your inventory list. We understand the importance of confidentiality in the bankruptcy process.
  4. We Can Buy it ALL
    Large quantities, and big inventory lists are our specialty. We’ll always make you take-all offers - either for the entire inventory list, or at least for complete styles. We would prefer to buy the entire inventory list in most cases.