Buying from MAC Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Retailer Looking to Buy from MAC Wholesale? Here are some frequently asked questions about buying from us.
MAC Wholesale owns and takes possession of all of its inventory. We're not brokers! This allows us to count and inspect the inventory before offering it for sale.
Unless otherwise noted, all of our inventory is first quality merchandise. We carry both branded and private label goods. We do not sell customer returns.
Unless otherwise noted, all inventory ships from our warehouse in University Park, IL.
We guarantee our inventory is authentic. Most of our inventory comes directly from its original manufacturers, and all of our inventory has a paper trail. We don't sell grey-market goods, and our licensed goods are sold to us with a letter of release/authorization to resell them.
Either MAC Wholesale or the manufacturer.
Yes. We've been in business since 2005, and are an established business with insurance.
In order to protect our manufacturers, and to prevent brokers from representing our goods as their own, our inventory site is password protected and for our Internal Sales Team only. Please contact your MAC Wholesale Sales Representative to learn about our current inventory opportunities, or come and see us at our showroom or an upcoming tradeshow!
Of course! Please request them from your MAC Wholesale Sales Representative.
Please contact your MAC Wholesale Sales Representative. You can call our sales team at (508) 378-3500. Our minimum order is $2,500.
Our minimum order size is $2,500 FOB our warehouse (University Park, IL).
Credit will be extended upon financial review. We offer 30 day terms to our credit-worthy customers.

Selling to MAC Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Inventory you'd like to sell to MAC Wholesale? Here are some frequently asked questions about selling to us.
We buy all types of consumer products.
MAC Wholesale was a network of over 1,000 retailers that come to us for margin building opportunity buys. This includes all of the national off-price retail chains, and both regional and local retailers that buy closeouts.
We are happy to work with a "Do Not Sell" list to avoid any potential conflicts with your current distribution channels.
We specialize in large quantities - but we'll take a look at deals of all sizes. Our offers are always "Take-All" offers, for the full quantity available.
Our buying team will respond to you as quickly as possible. We try to respond to deals the same day we're offered them (often within hours!). We can send you a Purchase Order the same day we come to an agreement on price.
Unless otherwise specified, our offers are always "ship at once." We can pick up right away, subject to the availability of our freight carriers.
We'll make you an offer FOB your warehouse(s). MAC Wholesale will pay the freight, unless otherwise specified in our offer.
We will specify payment terms on each offer we make. Payment Terms offered may vary depending on the size of the offer.
In order to be as efficient as possible, we'll make you an offer that's contingent upon approval of samples. We'll only ask you to send samples once we've come to an agreement on price, or if we believe we'll need to see samples in person to determine an exact offer.
No, the goods do not have to be retail packaged. We have the capability to re-package, re-label, black-line, and more in our processing center.
We try to make the process as easy as possible for you. The more information you can provide us, the faster we can typically respond. The most important information we need to receive to put together an offer includes: Style #'s, Retail Pricing, Wholesale Pricing, Quantities Available, and Inventory Location(s). As long as we can find images of the items online based upon your provided information, you do not need to include images. UPCs are helpful as well if you have them available.
Of course! We have a 35,000 sq ft Processing Center that's attached to our main warehouse. We're experts in re-packaging, re-labeling, and black-lining goods to satisfy your requirements.
Please CLICK HERE to fill out our Deal Submission Form, or email the deal to us at Deals@MACWholesale.net

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TMC Expo (Chicago, IL)

To arrange a virtual meeting with our sales team (anytime!), please contact your MAC Wholesale sales representative.

(508) 378-3500
Office Address:
140 Laurel St, East Bridgewater, MA 02333
Warehouse & Distribution Center:
425 Crossing Dr, University Park, IL 60484

Your Trusted Partner

MAC Wholesale owns and takes possession of all of its inventory – we’re not brokers! This is a big deal in the closeout industry, whether you’re buying from us or selling to us. The photos you see on our website are of our actual warehouse in University Park, IL. MAC Wholesale has been in business since 2005 and our team would love to work with you!