We Buy Irregular Products & Inventory

What are Irregulars?

Irregular goods are products that have visual or functional defects, which are being sold with irregularities. These are different from refurbished products, which have been repaired.

What Kinds of Irregulars does MAC Wholesale Buy?

We’ll take a look at any opportunity – but most irregulars we buy would be classified as “slight irregulars.” Examples may be apparel that has slight imperfections in the stitching (cosmetic defects), or products that didn’t meet a retailer’s strict specifications (which could be for a variety of reasons).

Why Sell to MAC Wholesale?


If your brand has irregular inventory that’s going to be released into the market, it’s important that it’s represented properly (as irregular). MAC Wholesale always accurately represents the condition of its inventory to its customers, so it won’t end up in the marketplace sold as first quality, with your normal price-point goods.

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